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A E L MEETING 29.4.-2.5.93 Bologna 
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Präsident:         Pierre Taconne

Annual meeting

Concert:           at the CASA LAURO with an exhibition of instruments of Bologna

Visiting:            the CASA BIGNIAMI to see the workplace of this famost bolognese                         maker, guided by the doughter of him.

visiting:             the workplace of AEL member Roberto Regazzi in Bologna.

Exhibition        “Bologna violin making” of Roberto Regazzi 

Photomap:       of the bolognese instrument made by  Michael Franke


(the name was changed 1992 in “AEL”)

list of the exhibition:

 1)         C un violino Florenus Guidantus ca. 1730

2)         C un altro violino Florenus Guidanntus ca. 1735

3)         C un violino don Nicola Amati ca. 1725

4)         C un violino Agostino Facini ca. 1735

5)         C un violino Giovanni Antonio Marchi ca. 1770-80

6)         C un violino Giuseppe Fioruu 1923

7)         C un violino Augusto Pollastri 1927

8)         C un violino Raffaele Fiorini in Bazzano 1864

9)         C un altro violino Raffaele Fiorini in Bologna 1872

10)       un violoncello Augusto Pollastri 1911

11)       C un violino Armando Monterumici 1929

12)       una viola Carlo Tononi ca. 1725

13)       C un violino Cesare Candi 1940

14)       C un violino Gaetano Pollastri 1931

15)       un violoncello Otello Bignami 1979

16)       C un violino Giovanni Varotti ca. 18 18

17)       C un violino Ansaldo Poggi 1953

18)       C un violino Otello Bignami 1956

19)       C unavi6la Ansaldo Poggi 1954

20)       C una viola Otello Bignami

21)       C un violoncello Ansaldo Poggi 1927